Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Southeast Asia is a region that is still a lot of trust and make use of local traditional medicine. Various herbs and traditional medicine processing methods can be found easily in public life, especially in rural areas. However, over the development period and the number of discoveries about the negative effects of modern medicine, the traditional treatment and utilization of herbal plant which is believed to far better, more developed and much in demand by modern society.

Usually the use of herbs is to take the essential oils contained in the herb. Many of the benefits of essential oils of herbs, such as to reduce pain, induce pleasure and relaxation of muscles and so forth. And now, traditional medicine and herbal plants can be purchased in traditional medicine shops in the form of modern packaging. To buy essential oils good quality and reliable, you can find the best reference through people or friends who never used it before, either directly or through an online store.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Entertainment games online is a lucrative business for online games providers. Entertainment business is growing rapidly and have a place in the hearts of the fans of online games worldwide. Many providers online games site that presents the attractive features of online games by utilizing the latest technology in audio visual field so the players feel the comfort and satisfaction in playing. Online casino games games online is an option the most attractive offer gifts and bonuses for the player who managed to win.

Today many players online casino games online games to choose providers that offer reliable and have a great gift. This condition causes a lot of online casino games providers who compete with each other to compete for the attention of prospective players from around the world, for example by providing a no deposit casino bonus program. Prospective players can play comfortably because of bonuses provided to the player and the bonus can be withdrawn if it is in conformity with the terms and conditions already imposed.

To get the bonus provided, then the player must have already provided a no deposit casino codes games online providers when players sign up on their site. The code cans only be claimed one time per customer and only new cans registered players claim it. To get information about online casino games site providers that have no deposit casino bonus program, please visit some online casino games reviews site on the internet.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Online games is one more means of entertainment which attracted many people around the world. Many sites online games provider that provides attractive features for the player and a variety of online games that can be accessed easily by players from around the world. This is becoming more and more popular online games and serve as one of the online entertainment of the most widely accessed by Internet users. One type of online games is a popular online casino games. Types of online games is much in demand by the players because a lot of money to give gifts and bonuses are quite promising. Gifts and bonuses on offer is real money that can be used for shopping. Of course, this was the most interesting for the player to be able to survive and go on to play in the sites provided.

In many Asian countries, including Indonesia, playing a casino is a form of gambling that is illegal and prohibited for citizens. However, many sites that provide online casino games that can be accessed easily via the internet and this makes the monitoring of online gambling in Indonesia becomes difficult prohibited. The evidence suggests online gambling industry has grown very rapidly and in large numbers. The presence of online gambling has also invited controversy, both from the legal and moral. Since the player can make bets gambling from home, online, minors can do so without being detected.

However, if the country gives permission for online casino games, then you need to find the best reference guide to get gaming. This becomes an important part, because online games are high-risk games. If you do not have the knowledge and skills are good enough to win online casinos games, then you better learn it first and get more information about the gaming guide until you get the lessons and skills better. If not, it will always be a loser and the player who lost more money like throwing your money into the sea.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


As the capital of Samarinda in East Kalimantan province has been known as a fairly busy business city. Ease of investment and set up a company can contribute significantly to the interest of entrepreneurs to develop their business in Samarinda. Every day more and more large companies in national and international scale that come in and set up branches of their business in East Kalimantan general. Currently, in Samarinda there are many financial leasing company. Offer is provided in the financing leasing company. Types of goods financed continues to increase. 

If previously only focused on transportation funding, is now developing on Equipment Leasing, office supplies, manufacturing, construction and agriculture. This indicates a growing multi finance known national businesses. To obtain more complete information about access financial along with other attractive offers, you can visit several sites acces provider of financial, service leasing company in the internet.

Friday, April 22, 2011


There are many attractive offer from the insurance company about programs that are promoted to potential customers. Car insurance is one insurance program that is much in demand by prospective customers. Many interesting options on a car insurance program that can be used as a reference for selecting an insurance company. Before you decide to get a car insurance quote, then you should be able to determine the choice of type of car insurance you want. 

Today, many car insurance program that covers insurance for others, such as automobile insurance that includes life insurance or accident insurance or also include investment or also include other fields. Usually such an insurance program offered by a variety of different package options in accordance with the financial capabilities of prospective consumers. To obtain further information about general auto insurance program, you can visit a local insurance company in your state or you can more easily get through the internet, because many sites the general car insurance companies that provide online services.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Inflatable Boats Tour
Samarinda has a big river with water so calm and strategic location in the center of town or divides the city into two areas are quite large. Mahakam River is a fairly crowded river waters by vessels carrying a variety of materials and agricultural products in Kalimantan, especially in the morning until midday. By late afternoon, a comfortable enough time for water skiing, speed boat and other water sports. 

But the Local Government of Samarinda until now still not able to maximize the tourism potential of this Mahakam River water. When viewed from the length and width of the existing Mahakam River, sufficient to build a container of water tourism such as utilizing a inflatable boats, speed boat tours and boat tours around the city along the Mahakam River. To exploit this potential, many providers inflatable boats such as that it can provide adequate and safe facilities for use by local and international tourists.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Hearing the name alone, already imagined beauty. Waterfall created by God, flowing from the woods, jump from the hills. It's amazing, but that's just fantasy. Yes, waterfall tours in Lempake Tanah Merah, North Samarinda, increasingly neglected.

For to the location it is not difficult. From the city just follow the direction of the axis road Samarinda-Bontang. Right on the right side of the road, stands a large customer says "You entered the Area Tourism Waterfalls Tanah Merah Samarinda. "

This is a comfortable tourist attractions in samarinda. However, lately the condition of this resort is really sad. Much damage to the road leading tourist sites. Plants and trees shield the roadside, appears to have been well taken care of. Small house or hut to rest and change clothes already look ugly and unkempt and would collapse.

Waterfall tourist sites Tanah Merah supposed to attention of relevant government institutions to fix the location of this tour.

Thursday, April 07, 2011


Market development projects Segiri stopped for a while because the government assess the construction project is in violation of regulations on the limit of 3.5 meters along the border road. This major project is run after the big fire in Segiri Market. As a result, the project contractor should dismantle most of the existing building.

Segiri Market is the oldest and largest traditional market in Samarinda. The existence of this market is the wholesale and trade center for basic food needs of Samarinda and surrounding areas. Along with the development and advancement of existing cities, then the existence of Segiri increasingly important market but the location is narrowed, that's what Samarinda Regional Government plans to develop and expand the market area to be changed for the better and neat.

Saturday, April 02, 2011


Human Development Index (HDI), East Kalimantan in 2008, 74.52 percent or National ranked fifth, below the DKI Jakarta, North Sulawesi, Riau and DI Jogjakarta. As stated by the Governor of East Kalimantan, DR H Awang Faroek Isaac.

In the HDI, an indicator of health status is a major component in addition to education and income per capita. Thus, health development is an investment to improve the quality of Human Resources (HR) in support of accelerated national development.
Indonesia in 2009, IPM has a score of 71.17 or entrance indicator 107 of 159 countries ranked, if compared to Malaysia which is at rank 53.

While HDI districts in East Kalimantan regency each Paser 73.46, 72.16 Kubar, Kukar 72.03, 70.84 East Kutai, Berau 72.75, 71.78 Malianu, Bulungan 74.30, 72.86 Nunukan , PPU 72.69, Tana Tidung 70.68, 77.31 Balikpapan, Samarinda 76.12, 75.92 and Bontang Tarakan 76.08. From these data still indicate HDI higher than urban districts.

Health development, a priority for health is an absolute means to improve productivity and is a major prerequisite in the formation of qualified human resources, so that people Kaltim appear as beings that are reliable, independent and able to survive amid global competition.


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