Friday, May 20, 2011


The development of media technology currently allows a lot of things into reality. Dream come true. Likewise, the business world who use information technology to develop better, especially the entertainment business. One of the entertainment business that are emerging in the community, both in urban and to the rural areas, is a cd of music and film entertainment. In Samarinda, cd sales music business and film entertainment more and more are found in every corner of the city and shopping center or mall. This relates to the ease of technology that can be applied by everyone. But unfortunately, most cd cd music and films are bought and sold are produced by individuals and do not have permission to duplicate cd of the formal institutions or the term is a pirated cd.

The government of Samarinda has several times conducted raids against the circulation of pirated cd is to suppress the increased circulation of pirated cd and cd replication increase the use of the official campaign produced by the company's official records. The circulation of pirated cd replication, which typically contains the music and film is increasingly widespread because the price of cd sales are sold at prices far cheaper than the official cd replication.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Online Låne Penge

Konventionel bank er et sted, der er let at få at laan penge i stort tal. Men mange låntagere, der har svært ved at opfylde de krav, der har anmodet om banken, nemlig sikkerhed og kreditkort checks. Dette kan forstås, da banken som en offentlig finansiel institution og har en regulering sammen med andre banker, der har indvilliget i at reglerne i form af udlån af penge til bankkunderne eller forbrugere. Hvis du føler, at vejen er ret vanskeligt på grund af et begrænset ejerskab af en ordentlig sikkerhed for at låne penge, så skal du kigge efter andre alternativer for at låne penge.

Dag, Internettet er den nemmeste medie at få diverse nødvendige oplysninger, herunder oplysninger om finansielle virksomheder, der leverer låneprogrammer. Mange finansielle virksomheder arbejder med konventionelle banker til at yde lån programmer med vilkår, der er lettere og hurtigere. At indhente fuldstændige oplysninger om dette, kan du besøge websteder af finansielle virksomheder, der er tilgængelige.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Proper packaging is required by all freight carriers to ensure that your shipping is delivered safely, in the same condition as it was sent. You can easily protect your shipment from damage with good packaging.

1. Products/items should always be safely contained within a box, carton, crate, or other protective container. Carriers will not pick up loose items, (ie: sofa wrapped in plastic).

2. Shipments consisting of multiple boxes each weighing over 200 lbs, or heavy machinery or equipment, should be securely placed on a pallet or in a crate so the driver can load into the truck with a pallet jack.

3. Pack Non fragile/non breakable items inside sturdy new boxes or containers. Place items that may be affected by dirt or water or items that contain liquids (ie: shampoo bottle) in plastic bags inside the box/container. Use bubble wrap, foam pillows, rolled foam or other interior padding to fill gaps in box and prevent movement of items during transit. Do not over pack box. Securely tape the seams of box with durable boxing tape and label.

4. Pack Fragile/breakable items inside new sturdy boxes or containers. Wrap each item individually in bubble wrap or foam padding (with 2 inches of thickness around item) and place snuggly inside box. Leave room around the sides of box and pad with cushioning.For extra caution: use a second larger box (about 5 inches wider and deeper) and place the first box inside it. Fill the remaining space in the larger outer box with cushioning material.

5. Pallets: For multiple boxes or heavy boxes that need to be placed on a pallet: Always use pallets that are in good condition and durable. Stack boxes squarely on pallet, corner-to-corner with no overhang (stack near the edge but don't go over). Distribute weight evenly on pallet and make sure the top surface is flat to minimize chances of damaged boxes.

For more information on sea/air freight, Heavylift and Project cargoes, Commercial Shipments and Container Leasing visit LX Link Shipping.

Monday, May 09, 2011


The development of communication and information technology, especially the Internet has provided many conveniences and opportunities for everyone to grow in the search for profitable opportunities in business. Samarinda as its capital city which has many business opportunities, including the Internet. Recently the growth of online gaming cafe plus be very promising. Many local businessmen who open this business and earn a decent profit. But behind that, actually this business opportunity is also an opportunity for people to become video game programmers. This exciting profession to be an interesting profession because you can start your own hobby, for those of you who became fans of video games. You need to know, growth and development of video games growing business in the world of entertainment. Many of the world's electronics companies that provide sophisticated products games gadgets based on video games. Tens of millions of dollars invested by companies to develop these games device.

The fun part of this profession, you can utilize your expertise to make a sketch of people or places to create characters and environments that will enrich your video games. You can use a hand or computer drawing to create storyboards that show the flow of your game.

To prepare yourself, in addition to taking studies in the field of graphic design, game designing schools and you can also take a variety of programs offered courses that  video game design schools.

Sunday, May 08, 2011


Health and dental care is an integral part in the initial period of growth and development. Children aged under five are most vulnerable to dental health. At this time, milk teeth are growing well can be a determinant of growth and development of adult teeth are good also. Many parents are paying less attention to dental health problems at the age of the children of their children. Dental health can be a serious problem because it affected the physical health problems as well as children's self performance problems that can affect the child psychologically. Dental and physical forms of bad teeth in adolescence can cause pain and halitosis and can make a child a sense of confidence.

Generally in big cities, many dental health clinics with the Dentist and experienced professionals who can provide health services and dental care that is integrated with the beauty of the teeth (dental restorations). You can use this kind of clinic services to get a tooth repair sectors. Usually this kind of clinic provides a variety of dental treatment options with products utilizing the latest dental technology. You do not have to worry about the ability and skill of the orthodontist who are trained and experienced so that you or your teen get a comfortable dental care, without pain and better quality.

Friday, May 06, 2011


Samarinda city has several shopping malls as a representative for the citizens of the city as well as a vacation spot for children on weekends. Generally mall in Samarinda, like most in other cities in Indonesia, has a children's play center that is visited by citizens of the city on weekends. Various types of modern games and digital electronics exciting games available and can be enjoyed with pay in the form of special game cards or coins. Generally games are there to provide a prize of gift certificates redeemable for various kinds of souvenirs, dolls, electronic game equipment, accessories and so forth.

Lately, in addition to the arena game, many tenants are open and selling various souvenirs unique and funny, unique accessories, stuffed animals, miniature variety of means of transportation and traditional souvenirs Samarinda interesting. Tenants of this kind usually has the appearance of different stores from stores located in the vicinity. For example, the color pink, light blue and red colors that really attract the attention of mall visitors. The price offered is quite varied and quite affordable. For example, a small stuffed animal and a bear-shaped or shaped funny or sweety or Samarinda typical fish, fish Irrawaddy Dolphin, can be bought with a price of  Rp.50.000,-(U.S. $ 5.6)  Are you interested for a weekend at the mall this weekend ...?

Tuesday, May 03, 2011


As the provincial capital of Samarinda has become a convenient place for business people nightlife. Evening entertainment is rapidly growing in the city of Samarinda. For the city administration, it was a 'new entry' for the financial district through the levy to be paid by the prophecy and entertainment businesses including the business tax. The development that most of the evening entertainment which presents live music in the room by presenting a variety of famous artists and singers. Usually presented fairly vigorous campaign, whether through mass media or newspapers, large billboards on the streets, radio and local television broadcasts.

Moreover, when bringing a popular disc jockeys music, then the enthusiasm of young people and nightlife connoisseurs increasing. Disc jockeys are professional and famous to create an atmosphere where evening entertainment to be different than usual because of their ability to process and mix the music to the latest songs became musical night filled with energy and invites the visitor to further enjoy the entertainment that are served.

Sunday, May 01, 2011


Network marketing is a business that involves many people in a network. A person who is entered in the network marketing business should be able to make people in both developed and developing business networks together. Success in network marketing business is a success together. Many large companies and became famous throughout the world because it is supported by a network marketing business systems, such as CNI, Amway, Tian Shi, Mililea, Oriflame and other.

The network marketing business or the more familiar with the title: multilevel marketing is a business that requires perseverance and a stronger business skills. Many people are initially excited to follow this MLM, but after some time the person resigned from this business. Of course you do not want this to happen to you and you may need sutu new forms of information that can give you refresh your mind about this business. "Guerrilla Multilevel Marketing", written by Jay Levinson to provide recommendations to maintain and expand your business network for the better.


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