Saturday, April 02, 2011


Human Development Index (HDI), East Kalimantan in 2008, 74.52 percent or National ranked fifth, below the DKI Jakarta, North Sulawesi, Riau and DI Jogjakarta. As stated by the Governor of East Kalimantan, DR H Awang Faroek Isaac.

In the HDI, an indicator of health status is a major component in addition to education and income per capita. Thus, health development is an investment to improve the quality of Human Resources (HR) in support of accelerated national development.
Indonesia in 2009, IPM has a score of 71.17 or entrance indicator 107 of 159 countries ranked, if compared to Malaysia which is at rank 53.

While HDI districts in East Kalimantan regency each Paser 73.46, 72.16 Kubar, Kukar 72.03, 70.84 East Kutai, Berau 72.75, 71.78 Malianu, Bulungan 74.30, 72.86 Nunukan , PPU 72.69, Tana Tidung 70.68, 77.31 Balikpapan, Samarinda 76.12, 75.92 and Bontang Tarakan 76.08. From these data still indicate HDI higher than urban districts.

Health development, a priority for health is an absolute means to improve productivity and is a major prerequisite in the formation of qualified human resources, so that people Kaltim appear as beings that are reliable, independent and able to survive amid global competition.


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