Monday, March 21, 2011


One of the products Samarinda pride residents who are facing severe competition is Samarinda Sarong. Hereditary craft products that have experienced large-scale piracy of producers outside the region.

Samarinda Sarong business passion is never subsided. Interested woven fabric is large enough, both local residents want any outside area. Naturally, because the pattern is beautiful and unique. Very evocative anyone who wants to have. Moreover, quite a lot of style and color choices are presented.

Located on Prince Street Treasurer Samarinda Seberang. Sightseeing is a traditional glove-making process Samarinda, which is 8 km from downtown Samarinda. These objects have been equipped facilities and tourist infrastructure. This sarong weaving craft was originally brought by immigrant Bugis from Sulawesi who resided in the left side of the Mahakam (now the Samarinda Seberang.) Almost every village Bugis (village mosque Baka) can be found craftsmen Samarinda sarong. The loom used by the craftsmen are the traditional tool is called "Gedokan" or use the Tools Not Weaving Machine. Products produced for 1 (one) sarong takes three weeks.

Samarinda Sarong is one type of cultural product Edge City. Very popular and well liked in the immigrant population outside the region as exclusive items and souvenirs. Especially for  Indonesia moslem society. No wonder if he really hope that fate does not like the sarong pride that hijacked Malaysian, batik Indonesia.


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