Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Environmental and social observer East Kalimantan, Niel Makinuddinsubmit several alternative solutions that need to be done so that the incidence of torture and killing of orangutans can be pressed on a minimal scale.

First, it takes commitment, strategy and courage of the head to avoid the old practices (business as usual or BAU) in managing natural resources. This commitment will be referrals (guideline) and the foundation for doing business in a socially and environmentally businesses Responsible.

Changes can be made from the formulation and revision of regional spatial planning and licensing process by making the orangutan habitat as one of the important indicators.

This region is the last bastion of unique wildlife and protected this Act. As is known in Borneo there are three sub-species of the orangutan Pongo pygmaeus morio (the spread in East Kalimantan and partly in Sabah, Malaysia), Pongo pygmaeus pygmaeus in West Kalimantan and Sarawak in part, Malaysia, and Pongo pygmaeus wurmbii who inhabit Central Kalimantan.

In fact, the commitment embodied in the action it will give a positive image and a tremendous advantage for local governments and for businesses in the area. The resulting products can certainly be accepted by the market because the process is carried out in compliance with the principles of environmentally sound and socially accountable.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


In Development Planning Consultation activity (Musrenbang) East Kalimantan Province which led directly at Lamin Etam Kalimantan Governor recently Mayor of Samarinda, Syaharie Jaang deliver development programs.
There are six focus areas of development in 2013 for the city of Samarinda, namely:

1. Construction of Mahkota bridge II.
2. Fly Over Otista (Jl-Jl Otto Iskandardinata Awang Long)
3. Fly Over Black Water (A-Heathrow-Wahab Syahrani Kadrie Oening)
4. Arrangement in the former city parks and SMAN 1 SMP 1.
5. Construction of flood control water gate.
6. Arrangement of the front edge of the governor's office.

Then the mayor expressed: there are 29 action plans the city administration. 29 plan, the relocation of public housing Mumus Sungai Karang, Semenisasi alleys throughout the City, Revitalization and Development Office of the Government, the City Improvement Incentive RT se, increase the sharing of direct aid from the budget of PNPM-P2KP City, Rehab / elementary school building from wood becomes permanent, Teacher Incentives Improvement District and Private Water Supply Distribution Service Improvement.

Sunday, April 01, 2012


Samarinda residents should be ready to eat foods selectively purchased at any place. Because the Food and Drug Administration (POM) Samarinda still find the existence of hazardous materials containing borax, formalin, until Rhidomin B is sold at roadside stalls and markets.
Samarinda POM reports during the year 2011 has conducted testing sampling of food on a regular basis. Testing was conducted from February to December. Targets tested include snack foods of school children, food additives, Ramadan snacks, fatty oils and oil emulation, fruits and vegetables, confectionery, sweets, meat, to fish and fishery products.
test results, some of which are still detected contain hazardous materials. Imagine, a hazardous materials such as borax is mixed in a favorite food people eat, such as meatballs, crackers, dumplings, and cireng. In fact, formaldehyde is also found in bananas molen, noodles, banana sauce, seasoning pangasius eggs, and ote-ote.
Borax or boric acid is an ingredient for the manufacture of detergents, reducing the water hardness, and is antiseptic. Dangers posed by inhalation of borax, the eyes and swallowed the respiratory tract is irritated, skin irritation, eye irritation, kidney damage, shock and death.
other names formol formalin, methanal, karsan, or paraforin, is a pungent colorless solution that contains 37 percent more kurng formadehid in water. Usually 10-15 percent methanol water was added as a preservative. This material is often diberfungsi as washing pest, fly repellent, and various other insects.
It could even be mixed in artificial silk, dyes, glass mirrors and explosives. When formalin is used in the long term, will result in effects on body organs, such as injury to the kidneys, lungs, cancer, and can cause death.
Rhodamin B (dye sistetis) are intended for textile and paper industries, but mixed in food. Rhodamin B dye synthesis is often perch on crackers, layer cake, syrup, cendol, coconut ice, slurry ice pearl, ebi (dried shrimp) and cotton candy.
Rhodamin B-shaped purplish-red crystalline powder and in solution will glow bright red. Rhodamin danger posed by inhalation, the skin, the eyes and swallowed the irritation of the respiratory tract, skin irritation, eye irritation, irritation of the gastrointestinal tract and liver cancer hazard.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Almost all the drainage in the City Edge experiencing sedimentation. Cause many of the maturation of a coal company land and housing developers do not care for the environment. As a result the trenches is the capital of East Kalimantan filled with mud.

Head of Environmental Damage Control and Conservation of Natural Resources, the Environment Agency (BLH) Samarinda, Effendy Tumar admitted, the cause of drainage in Samarinda filled with mud because the coal companies and housing developers do not pay attention to environmental impact assessment (EIA).

Even so, now entrepreneur or anyone who is finalizing the land must have permission of Licensing Services Agency Integrated One (BPPTS) Samarinda. This is according to the instructions Syaharie Jaang Samarinda Mayor.

If during the time of suspension that the company did not also improve the environmental management of appropriate environmental impact analysis. Even so, BLH only authorized oversee and recommend it. While the prosecution was aided municipal authority BPPTS PP.

Previously, Head of Flood Control and Water Resources Department of Highways (DBMP) Ari Hermawanto call, almost the entire drainage in the City Edge experiencing sedimentation. That is what motivates local government to buy vacuum mud. Moreover assessed expenses per year less than handed over to a third party to dredge a shallow drainage

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


FIRE re-occur in Samarinda, Tuesday (13/3). At least 11 homes and two motorcycles on RT 33 Sam Ratulangi street, Sungai Keledang Village, Samarinda Seberang, vanished in the flames devoured. The information gathered, a fire broke out at 13.30 pm.

Several witnesses said, the first fire from one female dorm room. Head of the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPPD) Samarinda: Dadang Airlangga said it deployed 12 fire engines. Total loss was inventoried. At least 200 people, mostly homeless students. Separately, police chief Samarinda Seberang Commissioner Ade Permana said, while the alleged cause of the fire from electrical short circuit in one room in the White Kos. Residents of the fire loss is estimated at IDR 1.2 billion.

For information, this fire occurred less than a week of fires in Gastric Mangkurat RT 85 Jalan Sungai Pinang in the Village which destroyed six homes.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Surrounded by many small cities, Samarinda always skipped those who want to Balikpapan. Estuarine area is often skipped to get to and from the Mahakam Bridge.

State-owned gas stations that notabenenya arm of government, is often blamed for aggravating the traffic. Whoever is there first, or the breakdown of its retail stations, fuel lines clear at Slamet Riyadi street and - RE Martadinata street takes half the road. Hegemony of fuel-efficient companies that once echoed the sea horse logo, make increasingly heavy sigh. How do I want to save, if its retail stations to make jam. It should pass just two minutes, so half an hour. Should be discharged only one eighth of a liter liter. That's one car. One hundred cars?

The number of vehicles has increased many times over. Note Samsat Samarinda, the yoke in 2007, both two and four wheels is 271 411. End of 2011, up nearly double penetrated 464 600. Wow! Adding road capacity in line Slamet Riyadi are not the only way out. East Kalimantan provincial government has been trying to break up congestion by building on the Mahakam Ulu Bridge. Unfortunately, outside of the ring road towards Loa Buah, Pangeran Suryanata Street, Air Putih, is not fully finished.

Then it came back to fly over the discourse of the old building, aka the overpass at the mouth. That said, the overpass could be overcome by overlapping vehicles. Department of Public Works plans to build a fly over Kalimantan is the third connecting road at the mouth of the Teluk Lerong.

Monday, January 02, 2012


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