Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Highway Samarinda - Balikpapan
Following up on highway construction plan Balikpapan-Samarinda-Bontang the current early stage of the process is already underway, the city government held a coordination meeting, the provincial government and employers as the management of highway construction.

This is a topic of discussion in this meeting is related to the location of the land acquisition issue that will go in the road construction area, particularly in the area of Samarinda City area. There are several stages of highway development package created. In accordance with the actions plan stage road development team is asking the city government to immediately take steps referred to the land acquisition process. Related to this great task directly in the meeting to the staff involved in road construction team, Acting Regional Secretary of Samarinda requested that be done immediately, but should not be separated from the underlying regulations.

Technical review includes whether the location of the land is well-deserved release, then there are stages of socialization, an inventory of sizes up to the problem of fixed price agreements, all of which must be made in the form of official minutes.

Monday, February 21, 2011


Mosque of Sirathal Mustaqiem taken from the middle of Mahakam River. This historic mosque visible differences between the homes residents.

Samarinda listed as a historic mosque city that has a rich repertoire of the Islamic past. Edge City also has Islamic Centre, magnificent mosques in the city, which symbolizes the modernization of Islam.

In Samarinda Seberang, still sturdy stand Masjd Sirathal Mustaqiem. The mosque is a historical record of Islam in Samarinda. In 2003, the mosque with a single tower was a winner of the 2nd in the Festival of historic mosques in Indonesia. The story of a journey, manifested in the design of the building relics of the past. Material is still dominated by wooden mosque.

Historic mosque that was founded in 1881 by Prince Abdulrahman bin Treasurer aka Sayid Sayid Muhammad Assegaf together traditional leaders and residents at the time. The names listed participated in the historic mosque in between, Kapitan Jaya, Petta, Loloncong, and USU Lonna. They then donate building materials for the 4 main pillars (pillars) mosque. Ulin Wood Mount Dondang, Samboja, from Prince Treasurer. Ulin trees Loa Haur, Mount Centipede, from Kapitan Jaya. Tree Mount Salo Tireng Ulin, and Coral Tree Ulin Sungkai from Petta Loloncong.

Different impression will be felt if the other corner of Samarinda. On the main road, Slamet Riyadi, majestic stands Mosque of Islamic Centre. Anyone who come to the mosque that overlooks the Mahakam River, must told one word, magnificent, and implied an attitude; spellbound.

The mosque that has not had an official name, it is still familiarly known by the Islamic Centre. Was mentioned most magnificent and the second largest in Southeast Asia after Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta. The main building has a spacious 43,500 square meters. This mosque has seven towers, with 99-meter-high main tower, meaningful Asmaul Husna (the names of God).

Not only as a place of prostration, of course. Various religious activities held at the neighborhood mosque. The mosque has a kindergarten facilities, radio propaganda, clinics, dormitories, libraries, classrooms, and auditorium. Some facilities are already in enable, and others again still in the stage of completion tools and is still in test phase. The plan in April 2011, when all is finished the name Islamic Centre will be inaugurated.


Saturday, February 19, 2011


East Kalimantan is ready to support if designated for the construction of nuclear reactors or nuclear plants. Although the central government has dropped the option in Bangka Belitung Province for the first nuclear power plant. But, did not rule out nuclear power plant in East Kalimantan will be developed someday.

Power plant is currently only able to meet the predicted electricity Kaltim temporarily. East Kalimantan is estimated that electricity demand will swell by 2025 to come in line with economic progress and population growth.

There is still public concern with the dangers posed by nuclear, such as leakage and toxic waste problems are considered not unreasonable, given so many benefits that can be obtained by the Nuclear Power Plant (NPP).

That's why still need to continue the kind of event dissemination to the public to change the way people against nuclear, so that nuclear energy can be converted into useful and environmentally friendly

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


At least 525 residents and the surrounding Samarinda in East Kalimantan province of esophageal cancer each year, so that more residents are expected to maintain health and often make the examination for early detection. This is based on data recorded on physician cancer specialists and based on the results of tests done during the last 10 years on the east Kalimantan community. The weather or the mother is a person susceptible to cancer.

This is evident of the 525 cancer patients per year, mostly affected were the mother, which reached 465 people. Patients with cervical cancer is the most patient and lung cancer that is generally experienced by men as a result of smoking. That's why experts advise doctors to conduct early examinations for women: to perform pap smears. Because early inspection to prevent the occurrence of a cancerous condition increasingly difficult to manage.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


About two years ago, February 2009, the East Kalimantan provincial government has established cooperation with investors from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have agreed to build a rail trains from Muara Wahau, Maloy, until Lubuk Tutung. Initial planning, Rail train was still special to transport coal and crude palm oil (CPO). But the future will be further developed for other commodities to rail transport for passengers.

Rek Development railway is intended to accelerate economic development and industrial zones, especially in areas Maloy, railroads needed it as the fastest access in the delivery of coal and natural resources that other eastern Kalimantan. Plan for Railways line construction is along the 1453 meters, is a railroad coal transportation is the longest in Indonesia.

Besides the development of this particular railroad, ASrab UAE investors are also interested to invest to build the freeway or highway during the discourse by the Governor of East Kalimantan, with compensation, among others, in the form of coal land, plantation or concession limestone to produce cement .

East Kalimantan is an area that offers a natural resource investment incredible, and with it there are several large projects that may be offering attractive investment for investors such as:

1. Maloy and the surrounding area development into Special Economic Zones (KEK) supported by the provision for pineapple plantations, kenaf, cocoa, palm oil and various other commodities.

2. The development of other economic areas, namely industrial estate in Aberdeen Kariangau

3. Development of industrial areas: Container Port and passengers in Samarinda.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011


The city administration to target local revenue (PAD), which can be absorbed in 2011 IDR 175 billion. This figure is a preliminary estimate which may be can be realized with the help of several parties concerned. And to enhance potential as a city of Samarinda suitable to invest properly and safely, then the Regional Investment Agency to place a videotron Samarinda (video electronics) in the form of a large-sized LCD TVs and in place in front of Samarinda City Hall office. Videotron is sized Flat screen TV is quite large and easily seen by people passing through the area around the videotron. Videotron is a means of promoting the city. It held 2009 and then by using the budget in 2008 at a price of about IDR 200 million.
With videotron it, can promote the potential of the area. Including the activities of each SKPD (regional work units). Which he explained, it was not for business. In the city of Samarinda there are 2 videotron and one placed in front of the Mall Lembuswana, and videotron is intended for business advertising and can be a source of original income of Samarinda.

Monday, February 07, 2011


Existing natural potential in East Kalimantan continues to invite investors to invest their capital. This time investors who will invest their capital came from Taiwan and China. Companies from Taiwan that China will invest is Pertrolium Corporate (CPC) Corporation Taiwan. They plan to move the plant to the management of oil or petrochemical plant in Taiwan to East Kalimantan. While China plans to build factories for processing tires. East Kalimantan Readiness as a provider of Natural Resources has been able to accommodate the need for infrastructure such as raw rubber, electric energy and water. CPC Corporation, Taiwan is a kind of Pertamina in Indonesia, the largest oil processing company in Taiwan and surrounding areas. They deliberately choose to transfer Kaltim factory, because recognized

Kaltim has a vast land, and supported by sufficient resources of raw materials. investment that will positively impact the economy of society. In addition, the proposed requirement that woke Petrochemical plant in East Kalimantan can be filled. Among the land area of 200 ha, the water needs of 60 cubic feet / second, electricity, ports and others.

Saturday, February 05, 2011


Dispel street hawkers (street vendors) are still selling at a post-straightening Pasar Pagi, Satpol PP install a fence in that area. The fence is installed around the bridge crossing stretches people (JPO). This method seems to steps taken Satpol PP is quite effective. Because, look no more traders who sell in the region. This condition is different from the prior given the fence.

Installation of the fence as one of the main way of sterilizing the area from street vendors. So traders are still stubborn to be working. For street vendors who often make the problem of Samarinda become slums can be resolved properly and the city government has prepared a new relocation space that can accommodate more traders street vendors.


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