Monday, September 12, 2011


Convenience is a coveted one word for people who use public facilities. Especially the facilities built by the government. Such as hospitals, tax offices, regional banks, including the terminal. Then how the condition of Sungai Kunjang Terminal? TERMINAL is inaugurated mayor Samarinda Waris Hussein June 24, 1989, now no longer comfortable. Starting from the ticket booth that is obsolete, the building roof is leaking here and there, until the waiting room with a perforated floor. Seat passenger space was damaged. Not to forget, wc which seemed dirty and rarely cleaned and some even dirty. During the 22-year-old built, the Sungai Kunjang terminal only once renovated in 2008 but only a few .. Head Office Terminal appear shabby and unkempt. When it rains, the office is leaking. Not to mention, in the passenger waiting room area and the introduction, many benches are broken, dirty and litter strewn everywhere apparent. Inter-city terminal is the only terminal in Samarinda and serves 14 destination cities throughout the East Kalimantan. There are hundreds to thousands of prospective passengers: and fro There are three passenger waiting room, but his condition was no longer feasible and require major renovations to handle it. The city government should be able to give samantha better public services. Inter-city terminal is a region that was first seen by the newcomers who come to the city of Samarinda, should be greeted with better public services and can provide imaging of Samarinda is better anyway.

Sunday, September 04, 2011


Currently getting a permanent job becomes something that is difficult to obtain. Many job opportunities are not in accordance with the criteria that exist on the job seekers. It is also faced with the state of the world economy is uncertain. Many companies are looking for candidates who have qualified workers and having to go through a rigorous selection. To get a little chance of that, job seekers must have a good trick to get the attention of the provider of job. One of the newest tricks that can be considered is Improving Your Odds with a Video Resume or video cv. This method can provide allow Applicants to show off the innovative side of Their personalities, as well as the ability to negotiate new technologies.

Saturday, September 03, 2011


Financial institutions and banks has long been recognized as a reliable lender and have a lot of convenience in providing credit to customers who require large amounts of money. Lending from the formal financial institutions and banks is a financial business that develops more rapidly. It also encourages the emergence of similar financial companies and provide more convenience in providing credit to customers / consumers. Ease the terms and conditions set by the lender company is encouraging more and more prospective customers and customers who use credit services offered. The extension of credit from financial companies such as these can be used for various purposes in accordance with the wishes and needs of consumers and can also be used as Loans For Bad Credit. To be able to take advantage of this credit service, you can visit the many sites that offer financial firms lending online.

Thursday, September 01, 2011


One supporter of the industry in the field of food and drinks in plastic packaging. Currently, many different models and forms of plastic packaging as bulk packaging used by food manufacturers and beverage, cleaning and perfuming clothes, and some product accessories and home furnishings .. In almost all supermarkets and grocery / market in Samarinda sell such products. Plastic packaging products in the form of plastic packaging Stand Up Pouches is attractive and easy to display in the window shop / supermarket / supermarket.


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