Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Hearing the name alone, already imagined beauty. Waterfall created by God, flowing from the woods, jump from the hills. It's amazing, but that's just fantasy. Yes, waterfall tours in Lempake Tanah Merah, North Samarinda, increasingly neglected.

For to the location it is not difficult. From the city just follow the direction of the axis road Samarinda-Bontang. Right on the right side of the road, stands a large customer says "You entered the Area Tourism Waterfalls Tanah Merah Samarinda. "

This is a comfortable tourist attractions in samarinda. However, lately the condition of this resort is really sad. Much damage to the road leading tourist sites. Plants and trees shield the roadside, appears to have been well taken care of. Small house or hut to rest and change clothes already look ugly and unkempt and would collapse.

Waterfall tourist sites Tanah Merah supposed to attention of relevant government institutions to fix the location of this tour.


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