Sunday, December 18, 2011


Citra Niaga shopping complex area is the best area in the region Samarinda to the era of the 1980s. Area shopping centers and souvenirs typical of East Kalimantan's become a tourist area that is always the main attraction for tourists visiting the city of Samarinda. But prestige is declining since the start of the founding of modern malls and shopping centers are more and more in the city of Samarinda. Even the last few years this area Citra Niaga shopping complex.

For this reason, Samarinda City Government plans to restructure the region CitraNiaga become more modern areas. Percentage of plan arrangement Citra Niaga Samarinda area is still an early stage. In addition to design, there are plenty of things to get clarity and should be done for smooth arrangement of Commerce to the next image.

City government offers to third parties to organize and manage the region since 2012. About the patterns of cooperation with the contractor and the amount of funds that will be issued Samarinda City Government for the new image of Commerce could not be determined because everything is still discussed. Currently, there are three investors who had seen the presentation of a new arrangement of images, among others: Trimitra and Commerce Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) in East Java.

Friday, November 25, 2011


Construction of the New Samarinda Airport (BSB) in the road axis Samarinda - Bontang, Sei Siring Village, North Samarinda, start a new round. As of Wednesday (23/11) or exactly one year leadership-Nusyirwan Syaharie Jaang, performed the first pole erection (ground breaking) by the East Kalimantan Governor Awang Ishak Faroek with Samarinda Mayor Syaharie Jaang. The first phase of development includes the land side, including the construction of infrastructure, roads and towers through the provincial budget. Mayor delighted to finally admit the construction of the New Samarinda Airport into a new sheet. He hopes construction projects can run smoothly and was completed according to the expected time. Because of the existence of the airport community are urgently needed as a replacement for Temindung Airport. Related to the existence Temindung New Samarinda Airport when completed, the mayor said many plans have been prepared. One of them makes the former airport land as a commercial center or apartment, is seen as needed. Or make land as a flood catchment areas in controlling standing water in the vicinity. "The point will we look back on what is appropriate for the former airport land Temindung after BSB completed. It could be the land that our collaboration will be a flood control system and settlement. What is clear to the center of commerce I think is also very feasible," he explained. Staff of the Ministry of Transportation Budi Suyitno expert who helped conduct a ground breaking project is the construction of the BSB were also happy to be able to walk again. Obviously with a new spirit. He expects the airport was not only able to accommodate Boeing 737 class aircraft, but a private jet as well. Namely with the addition of a runway length of 1,600 meters to 1850 meters.

Monday, November 14, 2011


Weight loss is not ideal is a matter for each individual, especially for women because the weight is an important addition to health, beauty is also a problem because the weight is not ideal. Ideal weight always been the desire of each person who prioritizes appearance. Many ways are used separately to get the ideal body weight, such as strict diet programs, over the counter weight loss pills and even some that get their ideal body lift surgery by means of body fat. During this time various methods have been developed to reduce excessive weight. Starting from the diet by changing the diet, blood type diet, consumption of slimming pills, full-blooded, acupuncture, through hypnotherapy. However, diet diet often deadlocked because the perpetrators did not really instill a desire to lose weight. This is evidenced by the lack of a balanced diet with exercise. In fact, whatever method you adopt, the sport is still needed. In addition to diet and exercise, there are also people who lose weight by using slimming. In general, there are two groups of slimming pills. The group first pill works by suppressing hunger is a second pill to reduce fat absorption. Before you consume, the better you consult a nutritionist and doctor. Is it true that the pill can reduce appetite and help the body burn calories? The experts still have different opinions on this matter.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


As one step to reduce unemployment in Samarinda, Social Welfare Department re-distributing aid based on the type of business form. Aid distributed in four groups. The source of this aid actually comes from the Provincial Social Service. The four groups are clearly scattered in the four villages, namely Village Sidomulyo, Sungai Dama ,Pelita and Sidodadi, one group consisted of 5 persons. Aid disbursed varied, ranging from basic food forms which will be sold, the equipment to set up a cafe, chip-making equipment, up to a tool for washing motor. It is hoped this assistance will be fully utilized by each group as a step to self-development in entrepreneurship. Before getting help, these four groups had been trained for three days in managing business management. This assistance also we expect to reduce unemployment. The assistance has been channeled in order not to be distributed for free or own consumption, but rather an obligation to be developed as a first step diving business world.

Sunday, October 09, 2011


Loa Janan Ilir region is sub-division of Samarinda Seberang. The development of the construction of a number of facilities in this kawansan, also marked a surge in land prices to hundreds of percent. Initially only USD 25 thousand per m2, is now a minimum of Rp 500 per m2. Development stretching along the road did look at HM Rifadin, New Hope Village. ONE decade ago, according to locals, the area is still forested road to Aberdeen split. Now, the expanse of the forest is kept covered buildings. Starting from the facility housing, education, health, and sports. Early 2007, the municipal government established health facilities Samarinda named hospitals IA Moeis in the region. Hospital type C is an effort bring the service to surrounding communities. "In the past, before there were hospitals, residents went to New Hope Health Center," said Permadi, chairman of RT 24, in which the health care facility is located. Building Board of Education and Training East Kalimantan's provincial government is also perched there. Right beside it, a child protection social institutions, growth stretching enliven the area. Looking educational facilities, there is a high school first Budget Plus entrenched there. Followed by the Open University and the campus of the College of Islamic Studies (STAIN), which is being built. These buildings are visible across the road if HM Rifadin. In addition to several educational facilities, there are upper middle-class housing being developed. Not far from Grand Perum Taman Kencana Sari and Bhumi achievement, there is a motor racing circuit named Kalan. Not only that, Kaltim Utama Complex Stadion in which at least nine members of sports facilities. Including GOR Badminton who had twice finished venue BanKaltim Indonesia Open Grand Prix (BIO-GPG) Badminton Championship 2011. A number of sports facilities that are in Palaran District was built for the National Sports Week (PON) XVII-2008. Mayor of Samarinda : Syaharie Jaang once said, if there is expansion of villages in the region will be called Village PON XVII-2008. Growth in the region had a positive impact local people. In addition to the mushrooming of food stalls, jobs are also increasingly open. Whereas before, the majority of residents there living from farming. Others are concerned with processing business brick and quarrying C

Monday, September 12, 2011


Convenience is a coveted one word for people who use public facilities. Especially the facilities built by the government. Such as hospitals, tax offices, regional banks, including the terminal. Then how the condition of Sungai Kunjang Terminal? TERMINAL is inaugurated mayor Samarinda Waris Hussein June 24, 1989, now no longer comfortable. Starting from the ticket booth that is obsolete, the building roof is leaking here and there, until the waiting room with a perforated floor. Seat passenger space was damaged. Not to forget, wc which seemed dirty and rarely cleaned and some even dirty. During the 22-year-old built, the Sungai Kunjang terminal only once renovated in 2008 but only a few .. Head Office Terminal appear shabby and unkempt. When it rains, the office is leaking. Not to mention, in the passenger waiting room area and the introduction, many benches are broken, dirty and litter strewn everywhere apparent. Inter-city terminal is the only terminal in Samarinda and serves 14 destination cities throughout the East Kalimantan. There are hundreds to thousands of prospective passengers: and fro There are three passenger waiting room, but his condition was no longer feasible and require major renovations to handle it. The city government should be able to give samantha better public services. Inter-city terminal is a region that was first seen by the newcomers who come to the city of Samarinda, should be greeted with better public services and can provide imaging of Samarinda is better anyway.

Sunday, September 04, 2011


Currently getting a permanent job becomes something that is difficult to obtain. Many job opportunities are not in accordance with the criteria that exist on the job seekers. It is also faced with the state of the world economy is uncertain. Many companies are looking for candidates who have qualified workers and having to go through a rigorous selection. To get a little chance of that, job seekers must have a good trick to get the attention of the provider of job. One of the newest tricks that can be considered is Improving Your Odds with a Video Resume or video cv. This method can provide allow Applicants to show off the innovative side of Their personalities, as well as the ability to negotiate new technologies.

Saturday, September 03, 2011


Financial institutions and banks has long been recognized as a reliable lender and have a lot of convenience in providing credit to customers who require large amounts of money. Lending from the formal financial institutions and banks is a financial business that develops more rapidly. It also encourages the emergence of similar financial companies and provide more convenience in providing credit to customers / consumers. Ease the terms and conditions set by the lender company is encouraging more and more prospective customers and customers who use credit services offered. The extension of credit from financial companies such as these can be used for various purposes in accordance with the wishes and needs of consumers and can also be used as Loans For Bad Credit. To be able to take advantage of this credit service, you can visit the many sites that offer financial firms lending online.

Thursday, September 01, 2011


One supporter of the industry in the field of food and drinks in plastic packaging. Currently, many different models and forms of plastic packaging as bulk packaging used by food manufacturers and beverage, cleaning and perfuming clothes, and some product accessories and home furnishings .. In almost all supermarkets and grocery / market in Samarinda sell such products. Plastic packaging products in the form of plastic packaging Stand Up Pouches is attractive and easy to display in the window shop / supermarket / supermarket.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


The development and progress of the city of Samarinda is increasingly rapidly. Many development projects of various buildings and hotels of international standing majestically on the city's main streets. Shopping centers and entertainment centers increasingly crowded by visitors who come from various towns around the city of Samarinda. Needs of urban communities become increasingly diverse and increasing. Likewise with the opening of many new opportunities to create new business which was formerly rare in the interest of people. Business entertainment in urban areas are growing is a profitable business because of an increasingly urban society needs high on recreation and entertainment are all around them. One area that many businesses demand today is a business event organizer. Business is growing rapidly because of the many needs of local entrepreneurs to create promotional products and services produced by a variety of entertainment events, such as live music by famous artists, trade show arena, the other ceremonial events and various other entertainment events. In addition, the inauguration and launch of new products, weddings, birthday celebrations or themed party event certain deliver a variety of events: gaming entertainment, magic, clown, stunt and many other exciting performances. To get an idea about a business event organizers or planners of this event, many sites online that offer these services with the experience and support professionals for several years. One is the All IN FUN, service event planner by offering a variety of exciting entertainment games, Clown in Salt Lake City, magic and more.

Monday, August 15, 2011


In a study of health and heart disease, there are inter-related relationship was found between obesity and the causes of heart disease. Obesity can be a bigger factor in the causal factors of heart disease events. Generally, obesity is accompanied by the presence of hypertension and diabetes mellitus is a contributing factor causing the rapid occurrence of heart disease. In Samarinda, according to data from Health Research Association; 2007, but the fact it was quite a portrait of the high potential of hypertension in Samarinda. Samarinda public vigilance to prevent the escalation of patients with hypertensive disease resulting in heart problems, kidney and stroke does not seem to be underestimated. Although the prevalence rates of heart disease Kaltim 3.5 percent is still below the national standard of 7.2 percent, but the prevalence of heart disease in the capital of the province reached 12.8 percent, was very apprehensive. The government will certainly pursue excellent service to people with hypertension, heart disease and stroke. But the government also hopes to maintain public awareness of health with a healthy lifestyle. Men are more active to burn more fat and if necessary follow weight loss programs and healthy diet. For information about a healthy diet, you can menngekplor more information about some of the healthy diet program, for example Gluten Free Diet, for more information to help people lose weight and get healthy with Gluten Free Diet Plans and Recipes. . If you follow the rules given in the discipline, then the program lose weight the healthy way this can reduce and eliminate the risk of heart disease.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


The best thing in life is to make every moment the best that is useful and gives a deep impression to others around us. But sometimes we never make mistakes that make people around us, that we have committed the crime and the cases included in the list of crimes in the police. This is reasonable because we are human beings who can forget and make mistakes. But we may have difficulty very annoying when we want to apply for jobs. If this happens, then we need proof of the elimination of felony or assistance from law enforcement: Expungement Law Firm. In the U.S., many institutions of this kind gives hope of a better future to these ex-felons. To get the service and better results, then the ex-felon must find and choose a Qualified Attorney to Expunge of Felony. To get the best recommendation then try to find information about the a qualified expungement attorney in your territory.

Friday, August 12, 2011


Samarinda is located in Kalimantan, which is a large area with many forests are still pristine. Many wood products which you are the supplier for the Budget and Expenditure Samarinda. A common wood products are furniture products and household supplies equipment variations. Wood furniture is the most favored by the people because the furniture looks more elegant and more practical. Wood furniture has many variations that can be tailored to the wishes. Many sellers of furniture that provides various types of wood furniture that attracts attention, such as: cabinets, chairs sets, kitchen sets, Bookcases, lounge chairs and others. Several existing models of modern furniture can double as home appliances, for example:bookcase as a place to store books, magazines, newspapers, and television as well as the bulkhead wall of separation between rooms. Or a large closet as a place to store a collection of objects that can serve others as a wall to another room.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Dust, gravel on the streets and a variety of potential problems that exist on the highway can cause damage to the car windshield and Auto Glass. Of course this can give a bad performance in your car. If the incident has happened then you need to bring the car to a professional technician. To get repair and service of automobile windshield damage, you can contact Windshield Replacement Phoenix company that can provide satisfactory service and provide a lifetime guarantee. You also can file a car insurance claim in a much better and can help you contact your insurance provider and take care of the paperwork for you. For more information please visit the website provided or you came directly to: 3001 N. Randolph Road. #GF4. Phoenix, AZ 85014. (602) 734-5151

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Environmental conditions are humid weather and dry climate in an area can provide opportunities in an animal nuisance animals to grow and develop rapidly. Animal nuisance which generally is all around us are termites. It felt almost no human being wants to be friends with termites. 'Eating' the wood that causes broken furniture, sills, reinforcing the house, even the papers, books and archives is important, it was not a pleasant companions in our home area. In a larger scale, termites can cause significant financial losses. Investment value is reduced because of damage caused by termites. In order to avoid greater losses, you can detect the presence of termites around your home:
1. Of the burrow tunnel, especially termites soil.
2. There was damage to the wood.
3. Of the alates (alive / dead).
4. With the bat hitting the wood, both sills and roof frame, it will feel soft or loud when in the timber is porous, although physically the outside looks intact.

For dry areas like Scottsdale is a city in the eastern part of Maricopa County in the Phoenix Metropolitan area then you need to protect the home investment and your valuable asset from termite problems, you may contact the licensed and bonded professionals: Termite Control Scottsdale which can give you a free termite inspection.

Monday, August 08, 2011


Samarinda in East Kalimantan is a city that has a warm air temperatures tend to be hot. Especially at this time, the rapid development and the many sources of pollution originating from activities and businesses in the city of Samarinda make the air temperature becomes warmer. But sometimes it becomes uncertain, because the season in the city of Samarinda is always changing alternates between hot and rainy. During the day, temperatures can reach up to 37 degrees Celsius and sometimes go down because there is rain coming. Living in the city of Samarinda who started dense sometimes less so pleasant for outdoor activities. Because the temperature is erratic effect on our mood. And sometimes we become surprised by the outside temperature is so hot or too humid. If you frequently move in the house then we need an outdoor thermometer that can provide information about the state of the temperature outside the house. Appliance thermometer can be placed in the home, close the door and the earlier we can detect the temperature outside our house. A wide variety of models and brands that we can use. For thermometers that are automatic and digital with the number of bookmarks are easily visible, the product of Honeywell thermostats may be best for your reference. This product is also flexible because it can be programmed as needed and adopted the Honeywell screen touchscreen technology.

Sunday, August 07, 2011


Growth and development of the city of Samarinda is increasingly rapidly. Many shopping center (shop) and shopping centers and businesses are built in various areas. The development is at most the number of points of sale of goods and supermarkets that sell goods and basic daily needs. It also impacts on community needs and traders of plastic shopping bags.

Generally in Samarinda, packaging plastic goods is the result of groceries. The use of plastic is considered more robust, secure and practical. Not just for groceries, is also commonly used for packaging food and beverages. It can be seen in a variety of products ready to eat foods and beverages sold in supermarkets. Starting from juice drinks, coffee, milk and dry food. The use of plastic packaging can give a better impression can even be labeled a varied and exciting the attention of consumers. For example in Coffee Bags, coffee packaging we can see an interesting and intriguing images of coffee drinks taste. In presenting the suggestions included in the package: better served cold, this of course, bottled coffee drinks are packed in bags to be more practical and safe.

Friday, August 05, 2011


Currently many conveniences that we enjoy because of information and communication technology is increasingly sophisticated. Internet is one of the information technology of the fastest growing and most widely used of people around the world because of the benefits that can be perceived by its users. In the world of business marketing, the internet has provided an easy way to create market penetration and consumer do the whole world with a much cheaper cost than conventional marketing. There's even a special advertising sites that offer free classified ads. Of course, this kind of site is a marketing opportunity for businesses in developing a more profitable strategy for the broader market.

Monday, August 01, 2011


Currently, many professions that provide a large income for professionals. And one of the professions that are pretty much in demand in the legal profession. Judges, prosecutors and lawyers is a profession that interrelated and closely linked to the business world. And many business processes disputes involving legal processes in it. And it involves more people involved in legal proceedings that took place.

Prosecutors and lawyers more and more, as well as the various disputes in the social life, politics and business the more so it takes more and more wamtu, power and opportunity to be able to complete properly. To solve the problem, prosecutors and lawyers are increasingly busy it requires a paralegal profession to support their activities. This profession is not very popular, but increasingly necessary. Paralegals can provide a better connotation to the appearance of a prosecutor or a lawyer in the eyes of its clients. Paralegals may seek to maintain good relations with the jaklsa between clients and attorneys in the long run.

Paralegal profession is growing. A paralegal can enjoy a sizeable income, about $ 37,000 per year and approximately to the normal workload. To obtain complete information about the paralegal profession, you can follow the paralegal courses that held online and is acknowledged by the American bar association

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Promotional products offered can be an important part in the success of the company to advance. A good promotion can provide a deep impression for potential customers who see the media campaign that is displayed. Currently, many booth or promotional media promotions offered by various companies with various offers of interest. The more interesting booth that is, the greater the chance of promotion was successful in attracting the hearts of potential customers. In addition, the booth suitable for use at the time of the exhibition can give a good impression for the company to the assessment of the visitors.

Currently,trade show display promotion is the most widely utilized by entrepreneurs. This method can be closer ties between the company and potential consumers. An interesting trade show can attract the attention of visitors. And today's technology can also provide digital show options trades that look so classy for media promotion.

Friday, July 29, 2011


Nowadays a lot of offers from various financial companies that provide promotional attractive to potential customers via their online website. Financial programs being offered can be a solution to solve the financial problem is happening because of financial programs being offered generally to the terms and conditions easily and without any warranties, as well as on the bank's lending programs to conventional banks. Financial program is referred to as: payday loans online because consumers can apply online loan application and approval process takes place online as well. This method can save time and energy in use. For information, visiting to please: payday loans online hub

If you still hesitate with the program online payday loans then you may first need to get more complete information about this exciting program through payday loans online hub - payday loans online. There have been many testimonials of consumers are given in various media, especially the Internet, which can be used as recommendations before you decide to use the program online payday loans. Generally the program is aimed in the short-term financial solution because of the unforeseen events that require the fund / substantial costs, such as car repairs due to vehicle accidents, termination of employment, pay the cost of hospital care and so forth. Payday loans online can be a 'helper' while for family financial security. And you should be wise in using payday loans these funds to fund these loans can support the financial system of the existing families, rather than become a new burden that can damage the financial system of the family.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Today many social networking sites exist that provide a range for the ease of its members to use the chat facility. For members, chat facility can provide an opportunity to meet more people and relationships and communication are more familiar. Social networking sites are a growing number of members can give the impression that social networking sites are increasingly popular and increasingly easy for members to find more strangers and become new friends. It is like playing chatroullette, we are not acquainted with new people but we are fortunate to have gained a new friend.

Currently, in many Internet sites exist online dating provider that enables its members can make appointments with friends who had been invited to chat with. To be able to join the site semacm they do not require the difficult requirements. Asala you can connect to the internet then you can access the online dating site and start chatting with strangers with less people who never think of and you have never seen before. And omegle chat websites has been popular for allowing you to randomly talk with Strangers. Convenience provided by omegle chat more and attract many people to try and create a new experience in chatting.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


The concept of a comfortable house is everyone's dream. In many tropical countries, commonly in Asia, temperature and humidity are high along with the sun shining in a long time, then you need to think of home design are familiar with the surroundings. In general, houses made ​​of wood material can be an option that is comfortable enough to anticipate the high temperature and humidity around.

Many designs and model homes are currently adopting a modern minimalist. Impression of a compact housing with spatial arrangements of simple and functional and have a yard overgrown by trees and small garden sometimes accompanied with a mini fish pond.

Conservatories is a amazing interesting idea when applied in residences in Asia. The idea is based on familiarity with nature and utilize natural resources such as wind, sunlight and ambient temperature can provide value-added for the convenience of private home.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Septic tank closely associated with the biological activity of all residents. That are not easily filled and compressed, it takes the right design. The design and improper maintenance, can make a septic tank isn't functioning properly.

Septic tanks are the sanitation system consisting of a pipeline from the closet, tank liquid and solid impurities, like infiltration, and discharge pipe clean water and air. In order for a septic tank is full and not easily compressed, to note the following:

The slope of the pipe. The slope determines whether or not current waste disposal process. Difference in altitude toilet water tank and surface dirt, preferably as large as possible. In order to flow smoothly, the slope of the pipe at least 2%, meaning that every 2cm height of 100cm there is a difference.

Select the appropriate pipeline. Pipeline should be a PVC pipe. Minimum size is 4 inches. The house has many toilets, you should use a larger diameter pipe. Tanks must be strong and waterproof. Walls, foundation, and the main tub cover must be watertight, so that waste does not pollute the environment. Sediments and catchment tanks should have a basic form of a mixture of gravel and sand. Make a straight line without curves, because curves or angles, vulnerable incompressible. In this way can be a septic tank maintenance for a longer period of time.

Friday, July 08, 2011


The decline in metabolic function of one's body is something that definitely happened. It's just that, fast or slow the decline was highly dependent on one's living habits. In old age, a decline in the body's metabolic functions and complaints began to appear, including pain. Pain is a symptom, not disease. The sensation of pain is really a signal that intentionally created in the body so that we are aware there is something wrong with a part of our body. That part could be anywhere. Frequent in muscles and joints. To overcome this pain problem, usually by taking anti-pain medication.

Currently, many kinds of anti-pain medications that can be bought freely. But you have to be careful and be wise to buy anti-pain medication suggested by your doctor. And as a reference, joint pain relief: a natural anti-pain medications that can give effect to reduce pain without causing adverse side effects.

Thursday, July 07, 2011


Health problems is a crucial issue in the community. Many health problems are borne by local governments dn require large funds to cope. Currently, many private clinics that provide health services to the community. Private clinics, usually have had a program of cooperation with the manufacturers of equipment or medication health and beauty. Program run by function devices and medicines that are promoted health. For example about cellulite, then the theme of the program in a certain period of time can be a how to get rid of cellulite topic. During the program is executed, the public/consumers can consult, seek treatment and purchase of products offered at a cheaper price.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011


East Kalimantan is a major region and most of the wet tropical dry forest. Summer or dry season is the season's most fire-prone forests.

From January to June 2011, the Office of Technical Implementation Unit (UPTD) Forest and Land Fire Control Kaltim recorded as many as 307 hotspots.

One of the causes of forest fires and land, it because of the farming community activities. But the point is not necessarily a fire hotspot for understanding the hotspot due to increased activity in certain regions. Even so, most of the fires due to human activity


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