Monday, March 28, 2011


As the capital of Samarinda in East Kalimantan, has been developed and progress as a city full of dengn bustle of urban infrastructure and development permanent. Vice Mayor declared optimistically Samarinda will become a metropolitan city in 2015.

"Our vision is right to go to a metropolitan city of 2015. I'm sure. As long as the pace we are now able to handle well and this city can grow with the privatization of good," said Nusyirwan after attending the Council of Regional Development Plan in the Hotel Mesra International, Samarinda.

According Nusyirwan, especially as one of six major cities in Indonesia, Samarinda could become a metropolitan city. But required a larger suporrt to the world of education, health, also the provision of infrastructure and public facilities consistently.

Monday, March 21, 2011


One of the products Samarinda pride residents who are facing severe competition is Samarinda Sarong. Hereditary craft products that have experienced large-scale piracy of producers outside the region.

Samarinda Sarong business passion is never subsided. Interested woven fabric is large enough, both local residents want any outside area. Naturally, because the pattern is beautiful and unique. Very evocative anyone who wants to have. Moreover, quite a lot of style and color choices are presented.

Located on Prince Street Treasurer Samarinda Seberang. Sightseeing is a traditional glove-making process Samarinda, which is 8 km from downtown Samarinda. These objects have been equipped facilities and tourist infrastructure. This sarong weaving craft was originally brought by immigrant Bugis from Sulawesi who resided in the left side of the Mahakam (now the Samarinda Seberang.) Almost every village Bugis (village mosque Baka) can be found craftsmen Samarinda sarong. The loom used by the craftsmen are the traditional tool is called "Gedokan" or use the Tools Not Weaving Machine. Products produced for 1 (one) sarong takes three weeks.

Samarinda Sarong is one type of cultural product Edge City. Very popular and well liked in the immigrant population outside the region as exclusive items and souvenirs. Especially for  Indonesia moslem society. No wonder if he really hope that fate does not like the sarong pride that hijacked Malaysian, batik Indonesia.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Damaged roads, the City Government of Samarinda homework that never completed until now. Note Highways Department and Irrigation (DBMP) bad roads in the city of Edge, has long exceeded Balikpapan-Samarinda road, which reached 144 kilometers. (See grafis_ classical problem once again sticking when handling damage to the road so the question, which is about the lack of budget.

In 2011 these funds from the provincial government to repair roads. Well, from the funds available, only able to perform functional improvement. Until the end of 2011, can be ascertained, road improvements can only be made to the already planned and possess the highest priority level.

In 2011 road improvements will be done in the area of ​​the road approach Mahkota II Bridge, which is along the five miles, the road also approach the Crown II Bridge on the River Kapih Makroman along two kilometers and five kilometers. While Guerrilla Road repairs only get a ration of 500 meters, as well as in Loa Hui along 500 meters.

Though many people who make proposals for the area immediately repaired. Someone asked patched, semenisasi, and so forth. But it does, can not be realized.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Mahakam River on one of the longest river in Indonesia, after the Barito river, 920 km in length, its estuary in the Makassar Straits, this river crossing Kabupeten region in the Upper West Kutai, Kutai Kartanegara to district and city of Samarinda in the downstream, tributaries include Belayan River, Lava River, River Telai, outstretched River Head, Tenggarong River and including including  Karang Mumus river.

The presence of the Mahakam River as important as the yellow river Huang He in China, the Indus River in India, the river Tigris in Mesopotamia, or the river Amazon in South America, which together with the flow of human civilization was born, become a human history. For it is a nature that the emergence of a civilization of life and the main requirement is water, where there is water flow and there he built settlements.

One of the Mahakam river flow is passed Gajah Mada street, at street stands one of the central government is the Governor's office of East Kalimantan, Mahakam river divides the two cities with Samarinda City and Samarinda Seberang, in front of the governor's office, or rather built alongside a river bank garden that extends into the upstream , up to Mahakam Bridge 1.

Residents Samarinda in particular, used to spend weekends with fish and shrimp fishing along the edge of the Mahakam River, Tepian.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Samarinda is the capital of East Kalimantan. Small town which became a satellite city to city around. The development of the city of Samarinda is very fast and economic growth among the highest in Indonesia. Employment opportunities and business opportunities are: coal mining, cement and various other natural resources. This has become a source of attraction of immigrants to try his luck in the Samarinda city . Most of the migrants who come from educated people and low skills so that failure in business life in the Samarinda city . Potential vagabonds and beggars be increased.

Samarinda City Government considered helpless facing homeless people and beggars (flat), which is becoming increasingly mushrooming in various street corners in the Tepian City. The development of sprawl that continues to increase every day, a thing that needs to get serious attention from the municipal government.

Difficult handling of sprawl, also exacerbated the lack of budgetary support they received. In response, the House of Representatives will Samarinda sharing with the authorities and relevant departments to resolve the issue.

Handling was flattened as if there is no end. Evidence, it is not a few who have been caught flat still roam. Yet efforts to arrest, coaching, until repatriation is often done.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011


The unemployment rate in East Kalimantan continues to decline since 2008. In 2008 the unemployment rate reached 11.11 percent. This number has declined 10.83 percent in 2009 and to 10.10 percent in 2010. That is, from about 3.5 million inhabitants, there were 350,000 unemployed in East Kalimantan. East Kalimantan provincial government to target poverty and unemployment down to reach the level of 7% in 2013 from the current position of 7.66%.

It is expected that through regional coordination meeting was to formulate a program to expand employment opportunities hinga reducing unemployment. At least decreased to below the average national unemployment rate of 8.24 percent. Reduced unemployment will reduce the number of poor people in East Kalimantan.

Based on data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), the number of poor people in East Kalimantan in 2010 reached 243,000 people. This figure was ranked the fifth lowest in Indonesia. One effort to reduce unemployment is to maximize seven Training Center (VTC) owned by the provincial government. Currently seventh BLK capacity is only reached about 800 workers. Looking ahead, the provincial government will add three BLK again, each in Bontang, Berau and Kutai Barat.


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