Tuesday, February 08, 2011


The city administration to target local revenue (PAD), which can be absorbed in 2011 IDR 175 billion. This figure is a preliminary estimate which may be can be realized with the help of several parties concerned. And to enhance potential as a city of Samarinda suitable to invest properly and safely, then the Regional Investment Agency to place a videotron Samarinda (video electronics) in the form of a large-sized LCD TVs and in place in front of Samarinda City Hall office. Videotron is sized Flat screen TV is quite large and easily seen by people passing through the area around the videotron. Videotron is a means of promoting the city. It held 2009 and then by using the budget in 2008 at a price of about IDR 200 million.
With videotron it, can promote the potential of the area. Including the activities of each SKPD (regional work units). Which he explained, it was not for business. In the city of Samarinda there are 2 videotron and one placed in front of the Mall Lembuswana, and videotron is intended for business advertising and can be a source of original income of Samarinda.


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