Monday, February 07, 2011


Existing natural potential in East Kalimantan continues to invite investors to invest their capital. This time investors who will invest their capital came from Taiwan and China. Companies from Taiwan that China will invest is Pertrolium Corporate (CPC) Corporation Taiwan. They plan to move the plant to the management of oil or petrochemical plant in Taiwan to East Kalimantan. While China plans to build factories for processing tires. East Kalimantan Readiness as a provider of Natural Resources has been able to accommodate the need for infrastructure such as raw rubber, electric energy and water. CPC Corporation, Taiwan is a kind of Pertamina in Indonesia, the largest oil processing company in Taiwan and surrounding areas. They deliberately choose to transfer Kaltim factory, because recognized

Kaltim has a vast land, and supported by sufficient resources of raw materials. investment that will positively impact the economy of society. In addition, the proposed requirement that woke Petrochemical plant in East Kalimantan can be filled. Among the land area of 200 ha, the water needs of 60 cubic feet / second, electricity, ports and others.


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