Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Samarinda is the capital of East Kalimantan. Small town which became a satellite city to city around. The development of the city of Samarinda is very fast and economic growth among the highest in Indonesia. Employment opportunities and business opportunities are: coal mining, cement and various other natural resources. This has become a source of attraction of immigrants to try his luck in the Samarinda city . Most of the migrants who come from educated people and low skills so that failure in business life in the Samarinda city . Potential vagabonds and beggars be increased.

Samarinda City Government considered helpless facing homeless people and beggars (flat), which is becoming increasingly mushrooming in various street corners in the Tepian City. The development of sprawl that continues to increase every day, a thing that needs to get serious attention from the municipal government.

Difficult handling of sprawl, also exacerbated the lack of budgetary support they received. In response, the House of Representatives will Samarinda sharing with the authorities and relevant departments to resolve the issue.

Handling was flattened as if there is no end. Evidence, it is not a few who have been caught flat still roam. Yet efforts to arrest, coaching, until repatriation is often done.


Anonymous said...

Selamat Siang...
wahh semoga orang yang beramal selalu mendapatkan barokah..dan tidak akan pernah berhenti beramal..namun juga semoga pihak terkait bisa memberikan solusi terhdap orang yang tidak berdaya karena tekanan lingkungan yang menyebabkan dia melakukan seperti itu , harus ada perhatian kusus dari pihak terkait..aminn

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