Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Mahakam River on one of the longest river in Indonesia, after the Barito river, 920 km in length, its estuary in the Makassar Straits, this river crossing Kabupeten region in the Upper West Kutai, Kutai Kartanegara to district and city of Samarinda in the downstream, tributaries include Belayan River, Lava River, River Telai, outstretched River Head, Tenggarong River and including including  Karang Mumus river.

The presence of the Mahakam River as important as the yellow river Huang He in China, the Indus River in India, the river Tigris in Mesopotamia, or the river Amazon in South America, which together with the flow of human civilization was born, become a human history. For it is a nature that the emergence of a civilization of life and the main requirement is water, where there is water flow and there he built settlements.

One of the Mahakam river flow is passed Gajah Mada street, at street stands one of the central government is the Governor's office of East Kalimantan, Mahakam river divides the two cities with Samarinda City and Samarinda Seberang, in front of the governor's office, or rather built alongside a river bank garden that extends into the upstream , up to Mahakam Bridge 1.

Residents Samarinda in particular, used to spend weekends with fish and shrimp fishing along the edge of the Mahakam River, Tepian.


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