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Samarinda residents should be ready to eat foods selectively purchased at any place. Because the Food and Drug Administration (POM) Samarinda still find the existence of hazardous materials containing borax, formalin, until Rhidomin B is sold at roadside stalls and markets.
Samarinda POM reports during the year 2011 has conducted testing sampling of food on a regular basis. Testing was conducted from February to December. Targets tested include snack foods of school children, food additives, Ramadan snacks, fatty oils and oil emulation, fruits and vegetables, confectionery, sweets, meat, to fish and fishery products.
test results, some of which are still detected contain hazardous materials. Imagine, a hazardous materials such as borax is mixed in a favorite food people eat, such as meatballs, crackers, dumplings, and cireng. In fact, formaldehyde is also found in bananas molen, noodles, banana sauce, seasoning pangasius eggs, and ote-ote.
Borax or boric acid is an ingredient for the manufacture of detergents, reducing the water hardness, and is antiseptic. Dangers posed by inhalation of borax, the eyes and swallowed the respiratory tract is irritated, skin irritation, eye irritation, kidney damage, shock and death.
other names formol formalin, methanal, karsan, or paraforin, is a pungent colorless solution that contains 37 percent more kurng formadehid in water. Usually 10-15 percent methanol water was added as a preservative. This material is often diberfungsi as washing pest, fly repellent, and various other insects.
It could even be mixed in artificial silk, dyes, glass mirrors and explosives. When formalin is used in the long term, will result in effects on body organs, such as injury to the kidneys, lungs, cancer, and can cause death.
Rhodamin B (dye sistetis) are intended for textile and paper industries, but mixed in food. Rhodamin B dye synthesis is often perch on crackers, layer cake, syrup, cendol, coconut ice, slurry ice pearl, ebi (dried shrimp) and cotton candy.
Rhodamin B-shaped purplish-red crystalline powder and in solution will glow bright red. Rhodamin danger posed by inhalation, the skin, the eyes and swallowed the irritation of the respiratory tract, skin irritation, eye irritation, irritation of the gastrointestinal tract and liver cancer hazard.


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