Sunday, October 09, 2011


Loa Janan Ilir region is sub-division of Samarinda Seberang. The development of the construction of a number of facilities in this kawansan, also marked a surge in land prices to hundreds of percent. Initially only USD 25 thousand per m2, is now a minimum of Rp 500 per m2. Development stretching along the road did look at HM Rifadin, New Hope Village. ONE decade ago, according to locals, the area is still forested road to Aberdeen split. Now, the expanse of the forest is kept covered buildings. Starting from the facility housing, education, health, and sports. Early 2007, the municipal government established health facilities Samarinda named hospitals IA Moeis in the region. Hospital type C is an effort bring the service to surrounding communities. "In the past, before there were hospitals, residents went to New Hope Health Center," said Permadi, chairman of RT 24, in which the health care facility is located. Building Board of Education and Training East Kalimantan's provincial government is also perched there. Right beside it, a child protection social institutions, growth stretching enliven the area. Looking educational facilities, there is a high school first Budget Plus entrenched there. Followed by the Open University and the campus of the College of Islamic Studies (STAIN), which is being built. These buildings are visible across the road if HM Rifadin. In addition to several educational facilities, there are upper middle-class housing being developed. Not far from Grand Perum Taman Kencana Sari and Bhumi achievement, there is a motor racing circuit named Kalan. Not only that, Kaltim Utama Complex Stadion in which at least nine members of sports facilities. Including GOR Badminton who had twice finished venue BanKaltim Indonesia Open Grand Prix (BIO-GPG) Badminton Championship 2011. A number of sports facilities that are in Palaran District was built for the National Sports Week (PON) XVII-2008. Mayor of Samarinda : Syaharie Jaang once said, if there is expansion of villages in the region will be called Village PON XVII-2008. Growth in the region had a positive impact local people. In addition to the mushrooming of food stalls, jobs are also increasingly open. Whereas before, the majority of residents there living from farming. Others are concerned with processing business brick and quarrying C


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