Saturday, October 22, 2011


As one step to reduce unemployment in Samarinda, Social Welfare Department re-distributing aid based on the type of business form. Aid distributed in four groups. The source of this aid actually comes from the Provincial Social Service. The four groups are clearly scattered in the four villages, namely Village Sidomulyo, Sungai Dama ,Pelita and Sidodadi, one group consisted of 5 persons. Aid disbursed varied, ranging from basic food forms which will be sold, the equipment to set up a cafe, chip-making equipment, up to a tool for washing motor. It is hoped this assistance will be fully utilized by each group as a step to self-development in entrepreneurship. Before getting help, these four groups had been trained for three days in managing business management. This assistance also we expect to reduce unemployment. The assistance has been channeled in order not to be distributed for free or own consumption, but rather an obligation to be developed as a first step diving business world.


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