Friday, May 06, 2011


Samarinda city has several shopping malls as a representative for the citizens of the city as well as a vacation spot for children on weekends. Generally mall in Samarinda, like most in other cities in Indonesia, has a children's play center that is visited by citizens of the city on weekends. Various types of modern games and digital electronics exciting games available and can be enjoyed with pay in the form of special game cards or coins. Generally games are there to provide a prize of gift certificates redeemable for various kinds of souvenirs, dolls, electronic game equipment, accessories and so forth.

Lately, in addition to the arena game, many tenants are open and selling various souvenirs unique and funny, unique accessories, stuffed animals, miniature variety of means of transportation and traditional souvenirs Samarinda interesting. Tenants of this kind usually has the appearance of different stores from stores located in the vicinity. For example, the color pink, light blue and red colors that really attract the attention of mall visitors. The price offered is quite varied and quite affordable. For example, a small stuffed animal and a bear-shaped or shaped funny or sweety or Samarinda typical fish, fish Irrawaddy Dolphin, can be bought with a price of  Rp.50.000,-(U.S. $ 5.6)  Are you interested for a weekend at the mall this weekend ...?


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