Tuesday, May 03, 2011


As the provincial capital of Samarinda has become a convenient place for business people nightlife. Evening entertainment is rapidly growing in the city of Samarinda. For the city administration, it was a 'new entry' for the financial district through the levy to be paid by the prophecy and entertainment businesses including the business tax. The development that most of the evening entertainment which presents live music in the room by presenting a variety of famous artists and singers. Usually presented fairly vigorous campaign, whether through mass media or newspapers, large billboards on the streets, radio and local television broadcasts.

Moreover, when bringing a popular disc jockeys music, then the enthusiasm of young people and nightlife connoisseurs increasing. Disc jockeys are professional and famous to create an atmosphere where evening entertainment to be different than usual because of their ability to process and mix the music to the latest songs became musical night filled with energy and invites the visitor to further enjoy the entertainment that are served.


Anonymous said...

wow, nice post.. just knowing about samarinda :),bye the way please visit back and follow back.. thanks :)


corporate travel management on 5 May 2011 at 23:29 said...

Its a good thing that you are promoting your place. I really see the potential in here.

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