Sunday, February 12, 2012


Surrounded by many small cities, Samarinda always skipped those who want to Balikpapan. Estuarine area is often skipped to get to and from the Mahakam Bridge.

State-owned gas stations that notabenenya arm of government, is often blamed for aggravating the traffic. Whoever is there first, or the breakdown of its retail stations, fuel lines clear at Slamet Riyadi street and - RE Martadinata street takes half the road. Hegemony of fuel-efficient companies that once echoed the sea horse logo, make increasingly heavy sigh. How do I want to save, if its retail stations to make jam. It should pass just two minutes, so half an hour. Should be discharged only one eighth of a liter liter. That's one car. One hundred cars?

The number of vehicles has increased many times over. Note Samsat Samarinda, the yoke in 2007, both two and four wheels is 271 411. End of 2011, up nearly double penetrated 464 600. Wow! Adding road capacity in line Slamet Riyadi are not the only way out. East Kalimantan provincial government has been trying to break up congestion by building on the Mahakam Ulu Bridge. Unfortunately, outside of the ring road towards Loa Buah, Pangeran Suryanata Street, Air Putih, is not fully finished.

Then it came back to fly over the discourse of the old building, aka the overpass at the mouth. That said, the overpass could be overcome by overlapping vehicles. Department of Public Works plans to build a fly over Kalimantan is the third connecting road at the mouth of the Teluk Lerong.


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