Sunday, August 07, 2011


Growth and development of the city of Samarinda is increasingly rapidly. Many shopping center (shop) and shopping centers and businesses are built in various areas. The development is at most the number of points of sale of goods and supermarkets that sell goods and basic daily needs. It also impacts on community needs and traders of plastic shopping bags.

Generally in Samarinda, packaging plastic goods is the result of groceries. The use of plastic is considered more robust, secure and practical. Not just for groceries, is also commonly used for packaging food and beverages. It can be seen in a variety of products ready to eat foods and beverages sold in supermarkets. Starting from juice drinks, coffee, milk and dry food. The use of plastic packaging can give a better impression can even be labeled a varied and exciting the attention of consumers. For example in Coffee Bags, coffee packaging we can see an interesting and intriguing images of coffee drinks taste. In presenting the suggestions included in the package: better served cold, this of course, bottled coffee drinks are packed in bags to be more practical and safe.


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