Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Proper packaging is required by all freight carriers to ensure that your shipping is delivered safely, in the same condition as it was sent. You can easily protect your shipment from damage with good packaging.

1. Products/items should always be safely contained within a box, carton, crate, or other protective container. Carriers will not pick up loose items, (ie: sofa wrapped in plastic).

2. Shipments consisting of multiple boxes each weighing over 200 lbs, or heavy machinery or equipment, should be securely placed on a pallet or in a crate so the driver can load into the truck with a pallet jack.

3. Pack Non fragile/non breakable items inside sturdy new boxes or containers. Place items that may be affected by dirt or water or items that contain liquids (ie: shampoo bottle) in plastic bags inside the box/container. Use bubble wrap, foam pillows, rolled foam or other interior padding to fill gaps in box and prevent movement of items during transit. Do not over pack box. Securely tape the seams of box with durable boxing tape and label.

4. Pack Fragile/breakable items inside new sturdy boxes or containers. Wrap each item individually in bubble wrap or foam padding (with 2 inches of thickness around item) and place snuggly inside box. Leave room around the sides of box and pad with cushioning.For extra caution: use a second larger box (about 5 inches wider and deeper) and place the first box inside it. Fill the remaining space in the larger outer box with cushioning material.

5. Pallets: For multiple boxes or heavy boxes that need to be placed on a pallet: Always use pallets that are in good condition and durable. Stack boxes squarely on pallet, corner-to-corner with no overhang (stack near the edge but don't go over). Distribute weight evenly on pallet and make sure the top surface is flat to minimize chances of damaged boxes.

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