Monday, May 09, 2011


The development of communication and information technology, especially the Internet has provided many conveniences and opportunities for everyone to grow in the search for profitable opportunities in business. Samarinda as its capital city which has many business opportunities, including the Internet. Recently the growth of online gaming cafe plus be very promising. Many local businessmen who open this business and earn a decent profit. But behind that, actually this business opportunity is also an opportunity for people to become video game programmers. This exciting profession to be an interesting profession because you can start your own hobby, for those of you who became fans of video games. You need to know, growth and development of video games growing business in the world of entertainment. Many of the world's electronics companies that provide sophisticated products games gadgets based on video games. Tens of millions of dollars invested by companies to develop these games device.

The fun part of this profession, you can utilize your expertise to make a sketch of people or places to create characters and environments that will enrich your video games. You can use a hand or computer drawing to create storyboards that show the flow of your game.

To prepare yourself, in addition to taking studies in the field of graphic design, game designing schools and you can also take a variety of programs offered courses that  video game design schools.


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