Saturday, April 23, 2011


As the capital of Samarinda in East Kalimantan province has been known as a fairly busy business city. Ease of investment and set up a company can contribute significantly to the interest of entrepreneurs to develop their business in Samarinda. Every day more and more large companies in national and international scale that come in and set up branches of their business in East Kalimantan general. Currently, in Samarinda there are many financial leasing company. Offer is provided in the financing leasing company. Types of goods financed continues to increase. 

If previously only focused on transportation funding, is now developing on Equipment Leasing, office supplies, manufacturing, construction and agriculture. This indicates a growing multi finance known national businesses. To obtain more complete information about access financial along with other attractive offers, you can visit several sites acces provider of financial, service leasing company in the internet.


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